About us

To the quality of survival, management and development, to enhance the credibility of services

To the quality strives for the survival, to management for development, increase the reputation with service

Daqing Huali Machinery Manufacturing

Daqing Huali Co. Ltd is a company specialized in researching and manufacturing and sales of oilfield equipment. Founded in 2002, the company has provided numerous kinds of equipment to many oilfields covering water injection, oil recovery, water treatment, PAM processing & injection and various pressure vessels.

In 2011, a revolutionary balance type beam pumping unit was successfully developed and put in field tests. Test results have proved that this unit is much more cost-effective and has many advantages over the traditional pumping unit (see performance comparison sheet).

To make it beneficial to all customers and business partners, we welcome any forms of cooperation: joint venture in manufacturing , technique transfer , local distributors.


ADD:The daqing city of heilongjiang province red district ironman industrial park Zip code:163453 TEL:0459-5290093
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